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Viagra is also known as aphrodil, caverta, kamagra, suhagra, edegra, erasmo, penegra, revatio, supra, silagra, zwagra.

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150 mg is the recommended dosage for men in generalThe dose can be sometimes increased up to 100 mgIt depends on tolerance and effectivenessThe dose may also be decreased to 25 mg in some casesIt is also advised not to take Viagra more than once a dayThe dosage will have to be altered if you take other prescribed medicines.

The common side effects of Silagra 100 MG Tablet are dizzinessheadacheblurred visionstuffy nosepain in the back or in the musclesstomach upsettrouble sleepingetcHoweverif you experience symptoms like pain in the bladderbloody urineindigestionbone painmigraine headache or increase in the frequency of urinationit is better to consult your doctor immediately.

2Many people are allergic to sildenafilwhich is a substance present in Viagra.

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