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Warning when you have asthma and if your asthma is made worse by aspirin, continue to prevent aspirin or other medications called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs while taking singulair.

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Taking low-dos aspiin isn’t th only way tmaximiz th dug’s bnits whil minimizing its dangs. popl at incasd isk gastointstinal complications, ndick commnds combining any aspiin thapy with a pscibd poton pump inhibit(PPI) such as Pvacid, Pilosc, Nxium.

Tpvnt blood clots om oming and duc th isk a tansint ischmic attack (TIA) and unstabl angina tpvnt myocadial inaction in patints with cadiovascula disas by pvnting clot omation tpvnt a stok, but not ttat a stok tpvnt coloctal canc.

Aspiin may alsb pscibd childn at hat sugy ttat Kawasaki disas. But it shouldn’t b givn tanyon und 16 yas old without mdical supvision.

Most popl can tak aspiin saly. But you should gt advic om a phamacist doctbtaking it i you:

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always use aspirin protect exactly as your doctor tells you.

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