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Coadministation pioglitazon (on th ingdints in ACTOPLUS MT) and gmibozil, a stong CYP2C8 inhibito, incass pioglitazon xposu appoximatly 3-old. Tho, th maximum commndd dos ACTOPLUS MT is 15 mg/850 mg daily whn usd in combination with gmibozil oth stong CYP2C8 inhibitos [s DUG INTACTIONS and CLINICAL PHAMACOLOGY ].

In th 24-wk ACTOPLUS MT tial, dma was potd in 3.0% patints in th ACTOPLUS MT goup, 4.2% in th pioglitazon monothapy goup, and 1.4% in th mtomin monothapy goup.

Lactic acidosis is a mdical mgncy that must b tatd in a hospital stting. In a patint with lactic acidosis whis taking mtomin, th dug should b discontinud immdiatly and gnal suppotiv masus pomptly institutd. Bcaus mtomin hydochloid is dialyzabl (with a claanc up t170 mL/min und good hmodynamic conditions), pompt hmodialysis is commndd tcoct th acidosis and mov th accumulatd mtomin. Such managmnt otn sults in pompt vsal symptoms and covy [s CONTAINDICATIONS and Monitoing nal unction ].

Th ollowing advs actions hav bn idntiid duing post-appoval us pioglitazon. Bcaus ths actions a potd voluntaily om a population unctain siz, it is gnally not possibl tliably stimat thi quncy stablish a causal lationship tdug xposu.

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actoplus met xr is not prescribed for the treatment of type 1 diabetes.

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